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Brigantine Gorget

Manufacturer: Ye Scurvy Dog
SKU: BrigGorget
A fine choice for the reenactor wishing to portray pre-15th Century periods or any barbarian type persona.

This "brigantine" gorget is designed with safety and comfort in mind, providing ample coverage to the throat and collarbones while not inhibiting arm mobility. Durable 6-7oz. black leather is hand-stitched together with waxed faux sinew and lovingly lined with contoured 16 gauge mild steel plates that are painted to prevent rust. The rivets are solid-shank hand peined copper and/or steel. Can also be fitted with brass for durability and authenticity. The buckles are steel but can be solid brass for authenticity. Closes on either side with 3/4" leather straps and buckles.

This armour is legal for use in HMB, HEMA, WMA, and all Kingdoms of the SCA (please check your local regulations.) These gorgets are particularly suited to practitioners and groups who may prefer to utilize gambesons and minimal armour for lighter practice rather than full harness. Measure the circumference of your neck with whatever padding, clothing or other armour you plan on wearing with the gorget to arrive at your ideal size.

A fine choice for the re-enactor wishing to portray pre-15th Century periods or any barbarian type persona, this gorget is not strictly historical but rather an item that "could have been."
Padding not included!


Small - 13" to 15" neck circumference
Medium - 15" to 17" neck circumference
Large - 17" to 19" neck cirfumcerence
Extra Large 19" to 22" neck circumference

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