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Dulexe Spanking Bench

Manufacturer: Ye Scurvy Dog
SKU: Spank1
Dulexe Spanking Bench

Dulexe Spanking Bench

The Deluxe Heavy Spanking Bench is an amazing bondage and BDSM furniture piece for anyone in the lifestyle. It is crafted in a heavy and dungeon-like feel making it durable and stable as well as capable of taking heavy abuse. The larger size of the Heavy Spanking Bench gives you freedom to position a submissive in a variety of positions and secure them using the d-rings, eye bolts, or by threading straps or rope through the holes and spaces on every side. 

The kneeling table has a removable padded top which exposes the hidden stocks. These stocks can be positioned outwards or in towards the bench. See pictures.

The topmost part of the bench is an adjustable reclining top which exposes a large and spacious toy storage area inside.

Call for available uphostry colors and materials.

This is a build to order item so all dimensions are negotiable. 


Item is shipped un-assembled in a box via FedEx Ground (residential). Assembly requires a 3/8" - 1/2"ratchet and a mallet (in case you need to tap bolts into place). Assembly takes approximately 30 minutes for the first time. 

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