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Overhead Standing / Suspension Pillory

Manufacturer: Ye Scurvy Dog
SKU: stndngPllry
Overhead standing/suspension pillory

This pillory (with the aid of overhead ropes)keeps the sub standing straight while the dom does what ever they like to them.
Because of the design of this pillory, the sub can't even see what is happening to their body down below the pillory.
This pillory is great for mind fucks, and objectification.
Really great for humiliation at parties. A sub can be left in this pillory for an extended time so everyone can have a chance to torment them!

Approx 36" x 11" x 1.5" Holes are 3" dia. wrists and 6" dia. head. Holes are covered in suede. Four eyebolts on corners provide attachments.

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