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Young Miss Lamellar Skirt

Manufacturer: Ye Scurvy Dog
SKU: ymls-1
Young Miss Lamellar Skirt
Handmade Young Ladies Leather Lamellar Skirt
Lamellar items consists of small platelets known as "lamellae" or "lames", which are punched and laced together, typically in horizontal rows. Lamellae are not attached to a cloth or leather backing (although it is typically worn over a padded undergarment).
Each lamellae is made from 8 oz. leather. 3 mm or 1/8" thick. Edge painted, punched, grooved, colored, and sewn by hand.
28" - 36" waist.
39" long (waist) X 15.75 lamellar field. Allows up to 12" overlap for smaller sizes.
Any leather item can be custom made to your size.
All leather used in this item is rescued post commercial waste. Go Green!
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